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»The Queeromantics« are an independent alliance of gay romance writers. Our stories focus on love stories between two men and often include a diverse cast of queer characters.

We write novels across all genres: Contemporary, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy. Whatever your heart desires—we write it!

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A happy end does not just fall into your lap, you have to work hard for it.
After five months together Rafe and Quincy experience how hard it is every day—jealousy, doubts and worries dominate their daily lives…

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About the Authors

Tina Alba

Tina Alba lives and writes in East Frisia. Sometimes fluffy, sometimes gloomy and always romantic, her fantastic stories are often steamy and erotic. Tina has a preference for protagonists with pointed ears, the sea, dry red wine and fluffy cats. She publishes in small publishing houses and as a self-publisher.

Kaye Alden

Kaye Alden, born in 1976, is a part-time nomad. From middle to north to south she has lived all over Germany. Her curriculum vitae is equally tumultuous. The only thing she has been faithful to for decades is her writing.
She writes gay romance across all genres; love is always the focus of her novels.

Laurin Dahlem

Laurin Dahlem, born in 1993, comes from the beautiful south of Germany and has always been an enthusiastic writer. After studying translation, he enjoys his newfound freedom, living and working here and there and writing stories on the side. His preferred genre is fantasy.

Eliza Dawson

Eliza Dawson has their roots in an idyllic village in western Germany. After spending a year in Japan, they have now found their home in the Ruhr Valley.
They write contemporary gay romance full of drama and heartache
As Dahlia von Dohlenburg they write queer fantasy.

Regina Mars

Born in North Rhine-Westphalia, Regina Mars was an insatiable bookworm before she began to write herself. After years in Berlin, Lyon and Hamburg, she now lives in a small Swabian town. There she finds peace and quiet to devote herself entirely to writing. Unless there’s a pumpkin festival …
She mainly writes gay romantic comedies, occasionally also gay fantasy.

Leann Porter

Leann Porter, born 1970, lives and writes in the Münsterland in Germany. She loves books, stories and everything that has to do with them, reads what she gets her hands on and writes whatever she feels like writing. When she can tear herself away from her stories, she runs through the woods, dives through wrecks or travels the world, especially often to her favourite country Ireland where she loves to tour the pubs.

Tanya Rast

Born in 1968 as a Kiel native in the northernmost federal state of Germany, she lives with many animals in the countryside. Cats, dogs and horses influence her everyday life and of course her writing.
After many stories, which she retrospectively calls “attempts at learning to write”, she has now discovered the adventure of self-publishing for herself.

Tim Spohn

Tim Spohn, born in 1981, grew up in Ulm. After studying biology and after working in numerous non-biology-related jobs in half of Europe, he now works with refugees, teaches German and lives with his husband in Ulm.
As a devoted geek, he is easy to get excited about books, series, music and movies, and is also notorious for his deep love of hoodies.

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